The invention is to provide a high-productivity method for fabricating a TFT device having different LDD structures on one and the same substrate, and the TFT device. In one embodiment, the system includes a laser printing assembly within a printer for printing on a print medium. First terminals of the first and the third non-volatile memory elements respectively couple to a first voltage and a second voltage. The method includes defining a data path in the router comprising a path through the router along which the data portion of the data packet travels and defining a control path comprising a path through the router along which routing information from the header portion travels. The blade weld surfaces and the rotator weld surfaces are inclined with respect to each other when facing each other in the axial direction. Outer conical nitrile seals have collars placed on extended ends of the bushings and have large radiused ends for contacting inner surfaces of outside sidebars that hold the pins.