A solar cell module and a method for manufacturing the same are discussed. Preferred calcium channel blockers are those compounds having high potency and bioavailability. The vias are positioned such that a plurality of vias are associated with each contact pad. In addition, a particular method and apparatus are disclosed in which electroporation andor mass transfer across a cell membrane are accomplished by securing a cell across an opening in a barrier between two chambers such that the cell closes the opening. The clutch is composed of a mechanical clutch section, and a solenoid coil for controlling the mechanical clutch section, and is a reverse actuation type clutch such that when the solenoid coil is in the energized state, the mechanical clutch section is in the disengaged state, while when the solenoid coil is in the de-energized state, the mechanical clutch section is in the engaged state.


A continuously variable transmission includes: a drive pulley and a driven pulley in which the pulley width between a fixed disk and a movable disk may be varied in accordance with oil pressure, a V-belt, which is wound around the drive pulley and driven pulley, and a clutch for controlling the transmission of torque from an engine to the drive pulley. Two bushing blocks are joined together and at least partially extend through the cutouts. Changes to the innate compound are described that result in unexpected properties useful for blocking or ameliorating the harmful effects of systemic infection by microbes. The playback agent monitors a quality of the network connection to the other peer playback devices streaming the original media content to the playback agent. The magnetic field sensor has a location relative to the reference coordinate system. The electrolyte solution has high capacity and low conductivity properties, so that low volumes of electrolyte solution can be used.


A hydraulic pump with a built-in electric motor wherein an electric motor and a pump unit are arranged in tandem fashion and accommodated within a common housing. In an embodiment, a metadata-driven command processor on a machine sends a request for a booting program and application to an agent. Also described is an associated deformable member and fixing member and associated methods for producing and using the seal system. The path loss of a reference signal transmitted from the first mobile device to its base station is communicated to the gateway, along with a parameter associated with the transmit power level of the interfering signal.


Provided are devices, systems, and methods for targeted administration of therapeutic agents to a subject. In this way, fuel, which flows from the sac volume into each injection hole, will be injected from the injection hole without being spaced from a wall surface of a valve body, which form the injection hole. One may advantageously apply parallelepiped magnets as well.


The invention provides a floor covering system with a PVC-based floor covering and a lighting system arranged to generate light. Compounds produced using such methods and pharmaceutical compositions including such compounds are also provided. The present invention also demonstrates the successful in vivo transfer of genes through lentivirus vector transduction. The invention further includes an optical fiber coated with the inventive composition. In the preferred implementation, the transformation occurs by raising the temperature of the deposited liquid precursor to a first elevated temperature and polymerizing the deposited liquid precursor on the substrate. The present invention further includes a method of manufacturing the roll of capacitive sensor elements according to the structures described above and providing such rolled elements in a dispenser configuration for use in facilities utilizing the patient monitoring systems.


A wireline valveblowout preventor is capable of resisting the flow of fluids through a bore. The application requests a fingerprint certificate from a cloud infrastructure management unit via the application’s execution environment instance. The lower link has further radially projected portions that extend radially outward beyond an imaginary minimum reference contour that is provided by connecting outer edge portions of the first, second, third and fourth contours with a continuous line. The event coordinator then distributes the phone number and the email address to the guests at the event so that the guests can take pictures with their digital photo-enabled electronic devices and send those pictures back to the publishing company. On demand, in response to a request indicating the particular XML result, a serialized representation of the particular XML result is generated based at least on the particular data structure. The optical functional sheet has a smooth surface that can be surface-treated or laminated with another functional sheet and is provided with a light collecting effect due to the internal arrangements thereof that is capable of collecting both light diverging transversely and light diverging longitudinally using a single sheet.


The present invention provides microcellular articles, as well as methods and apparatuses for producing polymeric foams, and, in particular microcellular material. Based on text data having been outputted from the character information recognition means, index dictionary creation means creates an index dictionary usable for a speech recognition process performed by speech recognition means. The accuracy variance is specified as a distance and is a function of accuracy information for a reported location of the secondary radio device.


A display system and a program for displaying a portion of a range that is obstructed due to the body of a vehicle when viewed from a driver seat is provided. The first seal is breachable and fluid-tight, and disposed obliquely to the first edge so as to subtend an acute angle therewith. The CPLD is coupled to the FPGA and the FLASH memory. Next the minimum pixel numbers of each level value of Density units Dn\u22121 and Dn are counted. The invention also relates to methods of producing sterile powdered media, media supplement, powdered growth factors and the like), media subgroup and buffer formulations.


A ratchet wrench includes a head and a handle. The feeding device has at least two motor-driven feeding rollers between which the material to be fed is guided through. Furthermore, in the present invention, a device of high integration density is easily manufactured, as gates of a high voltage device region and a middle voltage device region have finer line widths than a gate of a low voltage device region by forming them using dummy gates.