A time domain measurement instrument and method are provided. Recording sheets, carrying images produced by toner powder transfer and fusion on a receptor surface, according to the present invention, exhibit improved light transmission and reduced light scattering. The triggering event may be initiated by a manual switch, a rollover sensor, a crash sensor, a hostile ordnance sensor, or the like.


A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device is disclosed. Embodiments may include methods that include receiving a query that includes multiple requests, each including target data and corresponding to different respective attributes of the query, and selectively and iteratively executing a portion of multiple elemental computer programs responsive to different ones of the requests. In this way, integrity of an image from a black box for cars can be easily verified while maintaining an original copy of the image and related traveling record data. The method also includes comparing the actual end point to the target end point and determining the difference in state of charge for the energy storage system between the actual end point and the target end point. When the user lines up the drill with a hole in the nail, the alignment is visible on the receiver. The printer also has an electronic volume detector to detect a refill value and a full value of the volume of the expandable ink container.


A combination current sensor and relay has an improved housing. The tool can include one or more blades extending outwardly or downwardly from the tool for cutting a metal item such as the wall of a casing string, or for removing a predetermined length of a casing string in a cutting action. The disk drive array is coupled to and distributed across the storage processor nodes and stores multiple titles. The source of RF power is configured to provide RF power and an RF feed configured to radiate the RF power from the RF source into the lamp body. The out-of-band communications are different from the service discovery protocols of the local network. Various embodiments in different sleeping and sitting environments are described.


The invention provides a compact drying chamber for drying printed circuit boards and electronic connectors and components mounted thereto by enhanced evaporation to remove residual water and completely dry printed circuit boards. Subsequently, the body is shaped in a mold by securing the flange under high internal pressure to shape the form part or the preform. Once such text is detected, that text is marked and rendered or displayed in the specific configuration, for example, left-to-right reading order, regardless of the reading order of the surrounding text. In other aspects, drugs and other agents may be variably released andor applied by a new form of actuable, consumable tag with multiple signal elements.


The present invention relates to packaging water or solvent based formulations, in particular to those formulations which are prone to skinning. The electrical connector has a housing which is supportable within an aperture of a printed circuit board. The half-lens has an enlarged capture angle. The storage unit stores registered word data corresponding to specific words. The self-aligned lightly doped region and the self-aligned extension region define a channel length of the MOS transistor, such as an LDMOS transistor.


This disclosure relates to an improved process for preparing titanium tetrachloride comprising reacting ores comprising metal oxides with chlorine and a carbon compound at a temperature of about 900\xb0 C. The composition may comprise purified fruit andor vegetable color juices. Furthermore, the multistage reactor may be a single unit having both the WGS reactor and the methanation reactor. An annular sleeve is attached about the shank adjacent to and in non-contacting relationship with the trailing end of the cutting tip.


Methods and systems for auctioning units of securities research resources from a supplier of securities research services to potential consumers of the supplier’s securities research are disclosed. A device in communication with the movable barrier operator may be enabled for receiving information pertaining to the barrier and for providing commands that actuate the barrier at precise barrier parameters. If a user gives a \u201cprevious content\u201d instruction, the processing section reads from a stored information storage section the stored data corresponding to the identifier registered in the history information storage section, so that the stored data is displayed on a screen. In another exemplary embodiment, the male fastening portion is releasably engageable between the plurality of disposable diapers and the wrapping layer. Attachment mechanisms are joined to a bottom portion of the first plate and a top portion of the second plate.


An optical pickup capable of focusing a main light spot and an auxiliary light spot including optical aberration when an optical disk is not tilted, and analyzing the main light spot and the auxiliary light spot with a photodetector, thereby correcting aberration. The 256 QAM modulator outputs 256 QAM points to a summer. More particularly, this invention relates to a pitching practice device having a strike zone indicator that can be conveniently adjusted to simulate the strike zones of batters of various heights.


A cache includes an object cache layer and a byte cache layer, each configured to store information to storage devices included in the cache appliance. The system includes stationary infrared base stations, portable devices and at least one radio frequency transceiver. The reception coil receives the electromagnetic signals that are generated by the inductive coil that is built into the medical equipment.