A wearable electric device includes a main body with a circuit module inside and at least a detachable battery strap with a battery module inside, and the main body and the detachable battery strap are detachably fastened together. The test device includes an addressable memory. Responsive to one of the plurality of processes attempting to access a late binding object by its identifier, a determination is made as to which late binding object is associated with the process. The composition may be applied to soil to control a population of a deleterious organism. Each of the strips is radially offset from one another. In the sealing step, long side edges of the battery case are crimped by a forming surface having a rounded cross section, and arc-shaped edges connecting both long side edges are crimped by a flat forming surface.


Systems and methods may be provided for a CMOS RF antenna switch. Further, when the control information for the play back control is recorded in an information medium played back by the DVD reproducing apparatus, even when the car is travelling, the operation state of the DVD reproducing apparatus according to the control information is displayed on the display device by the superimposition display. In addition, a winner from the audience members is determined by the timing of a winning vote based on a percentage of the total number of votes cast for the contestant receiving the least number of votes. In addition, when only the most significant bits of the coefficients are being cycled through the register filter, any changing bits are prevented from being supplied to the updating circuit, so that the updating circuit performs no computation at all, rather than performing one that is discarded.


Communications between participants over a communications link are proxied by an intermediary, such as an Integrated Order Mechanism. A semiconductor substrate with a trench is provided, and a trench capacitor is formed in the trench with a storage node and a node dielectric layer. The winding wire is wound around a wound region of the inter-magnetic-pole core portion. A radius and a center coordinate of the circle on which the image is two-dimensionally modeled are used to re-arrange the X-ray tube, the sensor, and the modeled circle.


A computer-implemented method for managing notification messages generated by one or more applications is described. A controller returns, to a user terminal, a response signal, and information indicating a second absolute time point when an operation is executed in response to a request signal generated by the user terminal at a first absolute time point. Each of the inner conductors has a length of one turn.


The invention relates to a reflection probe for measuring properties of liquid andor solid substances, and to the use thereof. The computer is ergonomically designed for ease of use and is streamed line for artistic viewing. The first control system of the apparatus has a determiner configured to determine exposure variables of the first beam of pulsed laser radiation required to cause the component to become concave towards the laser irradiated side.


In certain embodiments, a service provided by a production server is facilitated. A grate subsystem contains the fuel and includes at least one grinding mechanism. The engine parameters may comprise at least an engine inlet temperature and an exhaust temperature. A polysilicon layer pattern is formed in the contact hole. The housing is formed with a pin hole extending substantially perpendicular to an axis of the cylinder chamber near the front end of the housing and under the cylinder chamber. There is a provision such that the operating device includes at least two mutually parallel plungers, which on operation act on second different flanks of the valve member, operation of one plunger locking the respectively other plunger.


In one or more embodiments, an over-sampling method and corresponding over-sampling circuit efficiently generate an over-sampled signal by determining sampling phases in the over-sampled signal that are unused by downstream processing of the over-sampled signal, and skipping the generation of output values for the over-sampled signal that correspond to the unused sampling phases. An average luminance of an image is detected, and then contrast and brightness of image is automatically adjusted according to detected average luminance. The biodegradable andor bioabsorbable matrix can be formed by electrospinning fibers of biodegradable andor bioabsorbable fiberizable material. The one or more images are processed by detecting a rounded object that corresponds to the object of interest.


Disclosed are processes for producing glycerol related products. The apparatus further includes a voltage controller that controls the voltage applied to a charging portion of the belt, and a recording controller that transmits recording medium information on the recording medium to the voltage controller. A terminal includes a look-and-feel package obtaining unit, configured to obtain a look-and-feel package comprising attribute information of the look-and-feel package; and a sorting unit, configured to create an appropriate storage object for the look-and-feel package and store the look-and-feel package in association with the storage object. The pull tab is attached inside the bag between the two perforated lines and has at least has one loose end extending outside the bag. In certain example embodiments of this invention, the lateral position of the rear drive wheels may be selectively adjusted as desired by the operator.


A pressure vessel closure for an access opening that has a sealing surface surrounding the access opening and one of either a diaphragm or insert that spans the access opening with a peripheral flange that rests on the sealing surface. Also provided are the seeds of soybean variety XBP37005, cells from soybean variety XBP37005, plants of soybean XBP37005, and plant parts of soybean variety XBP37005. The control device performs a compensation operation on the manual focus with the focus control after completion of the manual focus. The depth information and the primary image are cooperatively used to identify whether a primary pixel images a foreground subject or a background subject.