A computer-implemented method for using geo-location information in sensitive Internet transactions is disclosed. The image pickup unit includes an image sensor. It also sends a corresponding notification message over the reserved block. Also described is a plurality of sources 100 and light receiving apparatus 102 sitting atop a vertically moving support structure 110 that may view 360 degrees, of the whole circumferential interior surface of the tire.


Laminates are disclosed having interlayers containing an infrared absorbing amount of lanthanum hexaboride coated on or dispersed in a thermoplastic polymeric matrix. Each cell in the array includes a pair of memory element electrodes. Higher voltages than that of the logic power domain are generated in response to an oscillator oscillating. The first end of the wire terminal is secured to the electrical contact using a mechanical device such as a crimping connector or a spring connector.


Computer program products are configured to allow dual operational modes of packaging systems to produce encased products using interchangeable first or second horns. The method includes determining relationships between the tasks and generating a task network comprising the tasks of the first process. A transition assembly is positioned between the proximal cannula and the distal end section. The reduced expression is nested in the single abstraction by: appending a selected prefix of the composed abstraction to the reduced expression, binding the open variables of the reduced expression to the formal parameter of the selected prefix, and computing the type of the formal parameter of the selected prefix. Such methods are believed to be useful for affecting neuroregeneration, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, extracellular matrix formation, myelination, inflammation, immune function, liver function, pancreatic function, angiogenesis, or wound healing; andor for preventing or treating diabetes. There is provided a sound collector for collecting voices and converting the voices to a voice signal, a communication unit for communicating with a cellular phone terminal according to a predetermined communication protocol, and a reproducing unit for reproducing the voice signal received in the communication unit.


A self-laminating rotating cable marker label is constructed of a transparent film having a first adhesive area, an adhesive-free smooth area, and a second adhesive area. The first power connector comprises a first housing and a first contact module consisted of a plurality of first contact units assembled in the first housing. The weapon is mounted on a circumferential fifth wheel including a fixed portion integral with the turret and a movable portion on which the weapon is mounted, in order that the movable fifth wheel rotates on the fixed one, permitting the movement of the weapon along the circumference. The front attachment part has a front bearing for bearing a load acting from the interaction. A first pawl and a second pawl are provided to movably mount on the first shifting lever and the second shifting lever, respectively.


A water-ballasted barrier system incorporates a concave reflective design, wherein outer walls of the barrier segment are configured in a concave manner. In particular, in various illustrated embodiments, a local device such as a Digital Media Adapter, mobile device, cellular telephone, etc. Selection of parameters also provides power to energy ratios for high power, high energy batteries of at least 10. They can be assembled using cold shrinking and heat expanding. The device includes a body having a zigzag-shaped structure, which forms ducts for said gas flows, and the body is designed for the transfer of heat between the first gas flow and the second gas flow.


A hybrid protein comprising the non-toxic proteolytic C fragment of tetanus toxin fused to green fluorescent protein was used to analyze the functional synaptic organization of neural networks. According to one embodiment, a drive load measuring system includes: a pair of mounting assemblies that support opposing end portions of a rotating drive shaft of an oven drive unit; and a PLC control unit operatively connected to the mounting assemblies. The GNSS receiver may be compliant with one or more standards comprising GALILEO, GLONASS, IRNSS, and BEIDOU. The filter fuel that can be selectively routed to either a new fuel filter or a recycled fuel container.


Quantified Boolean formula techniques are used in determining QBF satisfiability. The level shifting signals are to control an output switching element of a high potential side of an output device that includes a power source and a load. A reconstruction processor reconstructs an image representation from the corrected radiation events. The elastic means is manufactured from a metallic material and has a plurality of spring coils, of which at least two spring coils have a geometric dimension which is different from the other spring coils. The control element allows for control over the behavior of the thermal management system, and the visibility element allows external devices to monitor the status of the thermal management system.


A wrench compatible for use in limited access areas is made up of two components. A first CaS inlet 40 and a first CaSO4 inlet 64 are also defined by the reducer reactor 12. The invention also provides a method for statically displaying sub-regions of this large digital image at different magnifications, together with a reduced magnification macro-image of the entire sample. Aligned arrays of these carbon nanomaterials are prepared by filtering the nanomaterials with ethanol.


A green phosphor having a magnetoplumbite-type crystal structure, which contains at least Mn, La and Tb, which contains at least Tb and La but does not contain Ce or which contains at least Mn, La and Zn. The green rubber tread stock is held from above for moving by inserting a plurality of transfer pins downward into both edges of the green rubber tread stock such that each transfer pin is angled toward a closest laterally outside edge. A portion of the first conductive line in contact with the first diffusion region is doped to an opposite conductivity type as the first diffusion region. The output switch is configured to isolate the low power path from the high power path in the high power mode. In addition, the present invention can reduce the power consumption while simplifying the circuit construction by allowing a programread operation to be simultaneously implemented on a single sense amplifier circuit. The missed call information includes the voice of the originator requesting the PTT call, and the voice of the originator is output when confirmation of the missed call information is requested.


A method for tracking a transmission status of one or more data elements to one or more devices. In one aspect, a rapid thermal processing apparatus is used to selectively oxidize a substrate by in-situ steam generation at high pressure in a hydrogen rich atmosphere. In particular, the control of the execution threads maintains thread ordering as well as ensures that a context swap occurs after the critical section execution has been completed by each thread of execution. The at least one second drilling insert has first and second portions which engage and machine a work piece in a drilling operation to form a spot face and a seal form.