The therapeutic treatment of a patient using intensity-modulated proton therapy is described. The apparatus enables selective positioning of the magnifying glass, from a position directly atop and flush within to a position 180 degrees forwardly from the apparatus top. Subsequently, the copper is solid-phase diffused into the first bonding portion and the second bonding portion. The activation of the secure reset signal is independent of the system reset signal. The enlarged end portion is provided with a concave articulating surface substantially congruent with the convex articulating surface of the metacarpal insert member, and the elongate shaft portion tapers generally towards a distal end of the phalangeal insert member, and is provided with a plurality of axially spaced second fins projecting therefrom. The method is initiated with setting at least one of the spherical aberration coefficient and chromatic aberration coefficient of the imaging system of the microscope to suppress attenuation of a contrast transfer function due to an envelope function.