An electronic device module comprising:A. This abstract itself is not intended to limit the scope of this patent. According to a characterizing feature of the invention, the pattern is a bifunctional reflective pattern that is integral with the support face, having three portions including end portions formed by cone portions between which there is interposed an intermediate portion that comprises two facets that meet at a top edge, which is not parallel to the support face for the patterns. Preferably, the radio-opaque composition comprises a radio-opacifier, such as barium sulphate and zirconium dioxide, in a mixture with a calcium phosphate, for example apatite hydroxide. The planarizing machine can further include a carrier assembly having a head and a drive system to translate the substrate assembly across an active section of the polishing pad in the planarizing zone. The thread breakage detection device includes a permanent magnet member 21 attached to the surface of the rotary disk 17, a hole element 22 that detects a magnetic field generated at the permanent magnet member 21 and outputs detection signals, and a detection unit that detects the thread breakage based on the detection signals from the hole element 22.