A metal-clad cable assembly comprising a metal sheath disposed around a conductor assembly. A judging unit judges, in units of data blocks, whether the target data needs to be nullified. Appropriate strain in the reflective dielectric film layers is also used to create appropriate curvature in one of the reflective dielectric film stacks so as to form a confocal cavity between a planar reflective dielectric film layer and the curved reflective dielectric film layer in the vertical cavity surface emitting laser or filter. The application identifier and content from the activated transponder are received at the mobile terminal when the mobile terminal is physically located within a wireless transmission range of the transponder. The kit includes a plurality of lights with corresponding mounting brackets, a watt reducer, lighting box, and a spring-loaded electrical wiring system. A front lamp holder and a rear lamp holder are disposed on a top edge of the front housing and the rear housing respectively, and a white-ray fluorescent tube is connected to the rear end of the illumination set, which is located between the front housing and the rear housing.