A floating gate memory cell has a floating gate in which there are two adjacent floating gate layers. In one embodiment, the fluoropolymer comprises a first monomer having a pendant group selected from alicyclic bis-hexafluoroisopropanol and aryl bis-hexafluoroisopropanol and preferably a second monomer selected from fluorinated styrene and fluorinated vinyl ether. Tape or thread can be used to connect the artery to the retractor with a holder. At the start of the impact stroke the ram is uncoupled by a ball clutch. The focusing position of exposure light radiated toward the edge is controlled on the basis of a height of the edge. In one embodiment the family includes a 5V CMOS pair, a 12V CMOS pair, a 5V NPN, a 5V PNP, several forms of a lateral trench MOSFET, and a 30V lateral N-channel DMOS.