A system and method for improving the usability of electronic products. The device comprises a feed, packaging means, weighing means and throughfeed means. When the computer delivers a document to the printer, either the computer will request that the PDL program from storage to be sent to the printer, or the printer will determine which PDL program is needed by inspecting the received document, and request it when provided the location. The spacer layer has an opening that has a via width.


A computer with thermoelectric conversion uses a thermoelectric conversion module that connects between a heat generating device and a low temperature device to fully utilize the redundant heat generated by the computer. The flow guide units and the flow ways communicate with each other, whereby the air can uniformly flow to every part of the air space without generating turbulence and with the air pressure unified over the air space to enhance blowing effect of the hockey table face. The protection film formed on a bottom surface of the trench is removed by turning a third introduced gas introduced into the reaction chamber into plasma. , N before so as to output the calculated results as N symbol differential phase detected signals. An output is generated based on the estimated battery SOC.


A method of laser forward transfer is disclosed. The direction of transmission is selected responsive to the direction in which the best electromagnetic signal reception was received. The peripheral device can be a Multi-Media CardSecure Digital card. They can also be effected on the radially extending regions of the recess and on the shrouds. The method and apparatus of the present invention can generate the communication frequency with a minimum number of calculations using simple binary addition, as opposed to prior art methods that generally require numerous iterations and complex calculations.


Security techniques and security mechanisms for wireless networks that transmit content such as advertisements. The image recognition process includes the following steps: an image capturing step for capturing image frame data by using an image capturing unit; and a lane line recognition for analyzing the image frame data for determining the lane lines. The magnitude comparator includes many non-least comparator cells and a P-channel transistor. The entrance surface of the prism is configured as a curved surface with negative power which is rotationally symmetrical with respect to the optical axis. A catalyst may be placed in a center of a toroidal recirculation chamber of the laser and may have integrated filters to prevent catalyst particulates from coating the chamber optical windows. The door edge protection member is driven via an eccentric lever mounted rotatably in the door.


The invention is to provide a high-productivity method for fabricating a TFT device having different LDD structures on one and the same substrate, and the TFT device. In one embodiment, the system includes a laser printing assembly within a printer for printing on a print medium. First terminals of the first and the third non-volatile memory elements respectively couple to a first voltage and a second voltage. The method includes defining a data path in the router comprising a path through the router along which the data portion of the data packet travels and defining a control path comprising a path through the router along which routing information from the header portion travels. The blade weld surfaces and the rotator weld surfaces are inclined with respect to each other when facing each other in the axial direction. Outer conical nitrile seals have collars placed on extended ends of the bushings and have large radiused ends for contacting inner surfaces of outside sidebars that hold the pins.


A housing for a device operated under at least one of a vacuum and a protective gas includes at least one housing interior space, at least one receiving region configured to receive at least one getter material, and a connection between the at least one housing interior space and the at least one receiving region. The algorithm is non-blocking and may be performed in a parallel, multi-processor environment. The sheet conveyance apparatus moves the shift unit in the widthwise direction when it is determined that the overlapping portion of the sheets has reached the conveyance roller pair. This configuration can increase the mechanical strength of the shadow mask. The masking of the parallel storage device interface interrupt if no storage device is coupled to the parallel storage device interface allows the controller for the serial storage device interface to share the interrupt traditionally assigned to the parallel storage device interface.


A spectrometer arrangement is disclosed for the determination of a radiation wavelength of radiation emitted from a radiation source to be measured. In one embodiment, the method includes creating a bonding pad over a semiconductor substrate, and placing a mask layer over the substrate and the bonding pad. A control operation of the aberration corrector and a control operation of the feeder are conducted in parallel. This allows for a comprehensive design as well as a common look and feel for the web site.


A gatherer stitcher for collating signatures made of paper, paperboard and the like, for stitching the collated signatures and for delivering the stitched signatures, includes a gathering section, a stitching station and a delivery station. A compressed foam block 300 substantially fills the compartment above the passageway entrance so as to leave a free space laterally adjacent to the passageway. The module has a projector for generating light images of the dynamic process images. The copy protection key is encrypted at the host receiver using a host-client pairing key shared between the host receiver and client receiver. An example use with address databases is described, including a method for converting an input address having a subject representation into an output address having a preferred representation.


A nozzle for use in a gas turbine engine includes a nozzle door having a first end, a second end opposed from the first end, and a pivot between the first end and the second end. The seed value is computed by subjecting variable data to a Secure Hashing Algorithm, and truncating the right most, or left most, 16 bytes from the message digest generated. Such surfacing films may be incorporated into composite structures, for example, by co-curing, as an outermost surface layer. In one embodiment, information relating to network traffic is monitored both by a first set of devices associated with source addresses for that network traffic and a second set of devices associated with destination addresses for that network traffic.


Unlike earlier methods and systems in which Radio Link Control performance was characterized in terms of the throughput, and the size of the higher layer Protocol Data Units or packets to be transferred was ignored, a method and apparatus is provided that is based on the delay of a higher layer PDU or packet. The database has a plurality of data records and is coupled to the data event agent. The subject invention also relates to processes for making such compounds as well as to intermediates useful in such processes. A load circuit 3 includes a polyphase current-to-voltage conversion circuit for converting a current value of the polyphase phase-shifted current signal Co into a voltage value, and outputting an output signal Vo.